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I am sending the newsletter in very irregular intervals. Here are some older issues:



At the beginning of March I was asked to translate for the documentation of a German radio station. We were together with Katerina Georgilea, who owns the 'Pelagia' Villas and the 'Kelly' Apartments. The houses at Kalogria beach in which Nikos Kazantzakis as well as Georgios Zorbas were accommodated at that time belonged to her grandfather.
A myth was destroyed: The simple wooden lodge, in which Kazantzakis actually spent a lot of time, was not on the rocks to the right of Kalogria beach close to the 'Prinkipas' spring, but about in the center of the beach below the high cliff and got completely destroyed in an earthquake in 1926 by a huge boulder.
But another myth was confirmed: At the time lived a widow with her children in the house 'Sourmelina'. And most likely, this woman inspired Kazantzakis to the figure of the beautiful widow in the novel!
In addition, I found very interesting that Zorbas certainly was a womanizer, but here in the area he can not to be blamed for anything. He just went to Kalamata from time to time to 'go shopping'...
It is also not true that the Maniots were or are angry with Kazantzakis because of the two scenes in the novel - robbing of the dead and stoning. Firstover in 1950 really only a few people were reading books and secondly, he deliberately moved the act to Crete. After all he did not write history but 'only' a story.

Other topic:
The house of Patrick Leigh Fermor in Kalamitsi can only be visited until the end of April. From then on (finally) the renovation works will begin. The Benaki Museum has sent a newsletter.

The renovation works of Agi and Sokratis in their café 'Niriides' have already begun and will probably be completed much sooner. This time it is not only about small changes but the interior will be completely redesigned. You can be curious...

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With works like "Alexis Sorbas" (1946) Nikos Kazantzakis became world famous. Last month on 18 February 2017 was his 134th birthday (* 18.2.1883). On October 26, 2017, his death will be celebrated for the 60th time. He died at the age of 74 in Freiburg im Breisgau.
From 1916 to 1917, with the help of his friend Georgios Sorbas, he tried to dismantle coal as a tenant of the mine in the village of Prastova, very close to Stoupa.
Kazantzakis died in my home town and the former resident of the house 'Sourmelina' gave him probably the inspiration for the "beautiful widow" in the novel - in the film (Film@YouTube) played by Irini Papas. I myself have been living in the area for almost 25 years. The name of the travel agency does not come by chance...
Exciting is whether and what events this year will happen in Stoupa. I try my best to find out more as early as possible. If you hear something, I am very happy if you let me know...

After the award-winning restoration of Agios Petros - the 12th-century Byzantine church in Kastania - has been completed in 2016 I would like to recommend a stay in this authentic mountain village. For example, you could stay in the 'Kastanea Apartments' and in the 'Krya Vrisi' restaurant you will also get very good food again...

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Please excuse the not working links in my previous email!
A very grim winter is soon behind us. On nice days you can already feel the spring and more and more blossoms open and stretch towards the warming sun.
The olive harvest was a disaster almost everywhere. Parasites made sure that most of the olives were rotting on the tree and could not be harvested. So the cold winter gives hope. Really cold days in the winter and hot temperatures in the summer the parasites do not like. Let's see how the summer is - but I am not asking for many weeks around 40°C...

Here briefly summarized some news:
Kalamata was reached twice a week this winter by Aegean Airlines via Thessaloniki!
Unfortunately the bus schedule between Athens and Kalamata was changed in January. For example, the last bus departs from Athens at 21:00. The current bus schedule can be found on our website.
From Athens as well as from Kalamata there is now a minivan-taxi available for up to 6 passengers. More details on our website.
We have found some nice new accommodations:
Villa 'Phaedra' just below Neochori is something special. A beautiful pool, great views and the modern luxury amenities indulge the guest.
To the beautiful villas 'Pelagia' directly in Stoupa by the sea a third villa had beed added. The so-called 'Pyrgos'. Look at the pictures!
In Kardamyli, we have the 'Olympia Zervea' Studios new in the program. Affordable living for 2-3 persons in the middle of the village and nevertheless with nice sea view.
Our beautiful old cottage with a very special history not far from Stoupa is not yet fully booked! Have a look at the availability calendar!



It's been a very long time since I sent the last newsletter. I am sorry for that! There are some news on our website that I wanted to share:

1. You can find the schedules for the (express) long distance coaches from Athens to Kalamata or vice versa plus the times of the local buses from Kalamata to Stoupa at The online ticketing is now also available in english:
2. We still organise also taxi transfers from Athens or Kalamata airport. Find the prices at
3. We now have a new cooperation with the local car rental company 'Napoleon'. More information can be found at Still I would like to suggest also the "Economy Car Rentals" ( The feedback from our clients is very good and also their prices are quite competitive.
4. We have a lot of new accommodation on our website - Villas, holiday houses, apartments & studios:
- Zerveas Villas: There are 3 luxury villas with private pool to choose from. Villa Sofia, Villa Ismini & Villa Nefeli.
- Villa Panorama: With breathtaking sea views and again with private pool.
- Villa Lakonia: Right in Stoupa only 150 meters from the beach for up to 8 persons.
- Athena's Cottage: also only 150 meters from Stoupa main beach and suitable for handicaped persons in a wheelchair.
- Thomeas Spitaki: Located very quietly in Stoupa, not even 5 minutes from the beach.
- Lakonia studios: 10 very popular studios with sea views and very close to the beach.



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